About us

A safe pair of hands for your investment in wine or whisky


Montague Fine & Rare Wines is a family run business founded by Drew Montague, who has spent four decades in the international wine trade.

Drew brings to the business an expert eye and a heartfelt passion for enabling people to enjoy wine, as well as make money from it. 

His senior roles have included the Wine Manager at the Sunday Times Wine Club, UK Director for the Wine Institute of California, Head of Buying for Wines, Beers and Spirits at Harrods, and a much respected judge for the International Wine Challenge for over 30 years.

However, Drew’s dream was to create a wine business that incorporated his wealth of experience and the values of integrity, superb customer service and outstanding value for money. That dream came true with the launch of Montague Fine & Rare Wines in 2009.

Expertise underscored by our worldwide network of suppliers


Ever since, we have offered an exclusive, personalised service to clients seeking to build their liquid investment portfolios in the form of wine and/or whisky.

We work with private collectors, investors, wholesale customers, restaurant owners and the organisers of expert tasting events. 

With our vast, worldwide network of wineries, contacts and suppliers, we can source the finest and rarest wines and whiskies.

Drew Montague

Whether you want to enjoy a particular wine or whisky now, or to store it as a medium- or long-term investment, we can advise you on what to buy and how to store and insure your collection. 

Long-term commitment to excellence and value


As with all investments, spending money on wine and whisky as a long-term acquisition comes with a certain degree of risk. You can never guarantee that you will enjoy the financial returns you want. 

However, the likelihood of a successful investment is significantly increased by working with a company steeped in expertise in wine and whisky, rather than simply in finance. 

Growing numbers of people are becoming aware of the potential value of a wine or whisky investment portfolio. They are best served by working with an established business with wealth of relevant experience.

Montague Fine & Rare Wines is your long-term partner in such a venture. We are a family-run business, ensuring continuity of care with a commitment to excellent customer service.

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To begin a conversation about investing in wine or whisky, please contact us by email or phone today for a copy of our brochure or to book an initial consultation.

Please note that there is never a guarantee of a return on any investment. Both wine and whisky are a medium-to-long-term investment that should be properly stored and insured.